Playing Memberships
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1. Playing Memberships

Wellington Cricket Club are now pleased to announce that senior and junior playing memberships are now available to purchase on the club's new online membership system.

Playing Memberships

At January's AGM, the membership approved the following fee schedule for playing memberships:

  • Adult Player (Male, Full Rate) - £80
  • Adult Player (Male, Reduced Rate) - £45
  • Adult Player (Female) - £40
  • Adult Occasional Player (Max 5 games / season) - £35
  • Junior Boys (All U18s) - £55
  • Junior Girls (All U18s) - £30

Playing members are warned that there will be no paper forms to fill out this season. All memberships must be processed using the online form so that we can manage league registrations online.

Players will only receive their Membership Pack, or Junior Membership Pack, once they have completed their registration.

Please note: any players not registered by the 1st May 2019 will not be considered for selection for any senior matches until their payment has been received.

We will be releasing more information about Junior Cricket at the club this season in the coming weeks. However, if you wish to register early, please feel free to do so on the new online system.