Friday, August 14
Wellington, GB


Team Selection: 25th/26th July

We have now picked the teams for the first weekend of the league season. There is also a 6th XI friendly this weekend. We have added this extra side as availability is strong and we wish to give as many members as possible games in this shortened season. We will attempt to arrange more additional fixtures like this over the next few weeks.

Please note:

  • All under 18 players must have an identified adult on site at all times throughout the game – home or away
  • £5 match fee for all matches – paid directly into envelope
  • No teas, bring own food and drink for the duration of the game
  • Bring own hand sanitiser and anti bacterial wipes
  • Familiarise yourself with our Matchday Protocols if playing at home
  • If playing away, your captain will share any relevant safety rules about the ground you are visiting

Saturday 25th July 2020

1st team v Whitchurch (A) | 10.30 am meet at venue | 12.00 pm start
W Wagner, D Lloyd, T Masters, M Batkin, W Lewin, J Flynn, S Bloor, M Denver, S Black, T Ellis, B Byram

2nd team v Bridgnorth II (H) | 10.45 am meet | 12.00 pm start
Umpire: TBC | Scorer: Hannah Young
A Taylor, S Goring, S Lamb, B Lewin, M Lamb, A Maniganden, Henry Morris, H Slater, M Stinson, P Ward Clayton, S Brooks

3rd team v Church Aston (H) | 11.15 am meet | 12.00 pm start
Umpire: Keith McClean | Scorer: Evie Anderson
S Topper, M Pitchford, S Pitchford, A Brasenell, J McDonald, S Taylor, Hugh Morris, D Ashton, T Anderson, H Bhatti, D Ross

4th team v Church Stretton (A) | 11.15 am meet at venue | 12.00 pm start
Umpire: TBC | Scorer: Ally Whitehead
P Howells, P Snape, I Murphy, E Bushnell, O Stott, D Taylor, B Pilkington, D Pitchford, E Byram, K Aluthgedara, A Parkyn

Sunday 26th July 2020

5th team v Newport III (A) | 11.15 am meet at the venue | 12.00 pm start
Umpire: K McClean | Scorer: R Jarvis
S Oliver, M Earley, L Gough, S Jones, H Coalbran, K Singh, T Butler, K Tuffnell, A Sarfaraz, A Marshall, F Chohan

6th team (friendly) v St Georges IV (A) | 11.15 meet at the venue | 12.00 pm start
N Bushnell, A Casey, S Gunawardena, J Uppal, Akhil Srinivasan, Akash Srinivasan, J Webb, Ina Vidyasanska, J Brothwood, A Fox

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