Weekend Team Selections

Weekend of 18th and 19th September



With the changes to Covid isolation rules in England on 16th August, we have made the decision to re-open our changing rooms on match days.

Players who have had two vaccines, plus those who are Under 18, will no longer have to isolate if they come into contact with a positive person, but will instead be advised to take a PCR test.

This significant change removes some if not all risk for the Cricket Club, which has been keen to avoid the situation of having whole teams forced to isolate due to close contacts in the changing rooms.

However, please be advised that if you are over 18 and have had one or no vaccines you should consider continuing to change outside, as if there is a positive case in your changing room you may still be forced to self-isolate by NHS Track and Trace.

Finally, we would ask that all players use the changing rooms sparingly and with full consideration of the personal space of others where possible.

If you do not want to change indoors at this time, we encourage you to continue outdoors for the final few weeks of the season.

Elsewhere, the following remains in place:

  • Captains and coaches will continue to enforce sanitation breaks in matches and training sessions
  • Players and officials are encouraged to continue to be mindful of their distance from one another on match days

We want to stress to all players that it is in the club’s interest to remain vigilant for a few more weeks. After all, if too many of our players our self-isolating we will not be able to get games on!


In the hospitality setting, rules will change much more. However we are determined that all members and visitors remain comfortable being at the club. Despite the changes below we ask everyone to remain mindful and respectful of others at all times. After all, your fellow members’ health, family and employment circumstances will be different from yours.

From now on:

  • Spectators are welcome and there is no limit on numbers
  • It is no longer a legal requirement to use the NHS Check In QR Codes
  • Face masks are no longer a requirement, but guests may opt to wear them if they feel more comfortable doing so
  • There is no ‘rule of 6’ in place indoors any longer and no social distance rules to observe
  • Ventilation will be increased where possible to reduce transmissive risk and hand sanitiser stations will remain in place

Furthermore, we will be continuing with outdoor table service for the foreseeable future, although you can now of course order at the bar.


We reiterate that players, members and guests who have symptoms of COVID-19 in their household, or who have been instructed to self-isolate, must stay away from the club.


Please see below selections for the coming weekend. Your match fee will be £5 for all of these fixtures. Please provide the correct change if you have it. Don’t forget to bring your own food and drink and hand sanitiser.


Bar open from 1.00pm

2nd XI vs Worfield 2nd XI (a), 10.45am meet at the venue, 12.00pm start
Umpire: Panel | Scorer: H Young

A Taylor C
S Lamb
D Vaughan
E Byram
J McDonald
L Goring
A Manigandan
Henry Morris
Hugh Morris
M Weill
M Stinson

3rd XI vs Wem 2nd XI (a), 11.00am meet at the venue, 12.00pm start
Umpire: K Singh | Scorer: Ish Vidyasankar

D Taylor
H Bhatti
S Topper C WK
S Pitchford
S Taylor
M Earley
M Bhatti
F Chohan
A Zadran
N Chohan
D Ross

4th XI vs Guilsfield (h), 11.00am meet at the venue, 12.00pm start
Umpire: K McClean | Scorer: A Whitehead

P Howells C
R Atherden
S Mendis
A Sarfaraz
U Hussain
K Vaughan
C Reece WK
D Jani
S Gunawardena
Krish Singh
P Snape

Bar open from 1.00pm

5th XI vs Column 2nd XI (h), 10.45am meet at the venue, 11.30am start
Umpire: K McClean | Scorer: R Jarvis

S Oliver C
Kumar Singh
Krish Singh*
K Vaughan* WK
R Bhatti
U Hussain*
P Snape*
A Parkyn
J Webb
F Pryce