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Net Bookings During Covid-19 Pandemic

Update: Thanks to those of you who have booked to use the nets over the last couple of weeks. It was a brand new approach to providing practice at the club and it has been challenging for the club to adapt to the new guidance. A lot of hard work has been put in to make this possible, especially from the volunteer supervisors who have given up their time to make sure the facility can be used by members.

Moving forward, we are making the following changes to our policy to make things run a bit smoother.

  1. As more and more of our coaches and volunteers are returning to work, the amount of hours that can be supervised is unfortunately being reduced, albeit slightly. The facilities will remain open for booking from 12:00pm to 8.00pm on Mondays to Fridays, and 10am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
  2. Members must continue to book through the online system. We are working on some refinements to the booking system to make this a simpler process, but the fundamental policy remains that you simply must book through the website and requests must be logged by 7pm the day before.
  3. When filling out the form, please list as many acceptable time slots as possible. If you show flexibility, there is a greater chance that we will be able to get you a booking.
  4. When you are booking a one-to-one session with a coach, please confirm the time and availability of that coach before making your booking.
  5. Bookings of more than a week in advance are not possible as we do not finalise the supervisor rota until the weekend. Sunday is the best day to request bookings for the following week.
  6. Finally, please be understanding that the programme is being put together by volunteers who are also now working. If you request a booking, someone will get back to you – so please be patient. Demand is also high, so we are operating on a first come, first served basis. However, we would also ask members to be considerate of others in their bookings as there are only a limited number of slots available and this is a large club.

We would also like to thank everyone for respecting the social distancing and hygiene measures in place at the club. This is so important if we are to continue to offer this service.


As advised in May, the ECB has now relaxed restrictions on cricket training and Wellington will be allowing bookings for the club’s net lanes. Please note that the outfield is still off-limits for any cricket practice and that this system is for net bookings only.

Nets can only be booked by current club members (those who have taken out or renewed their membership in 2020) or their parents in the case of juniors.

Bookings will be handled on a weekly basis. Our nets will be available to book between the following times:

Monday – Friday: 12 pm to 8 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm

All bookings slots last for 45 mins and begin on the hour. You must book before 7 pm for a slot of the following day.

The following guidelines relate to the use of the nets during the current pandemic and it is mandatory that all club members follow these guidelines whilst being present at Orleton Park. Adherence to these rules is essential if the facility is to remain available to members.

Should you wish to make a booking, please read the following guidance and then complete the form at the foot of this post. Bookings will be first come, first served, so it is best to be flexible in the dates and times you enter on the form.

Availability of Facilities


The Clubhouse will remain CLOSED except for access to the First Aid equipment


Nets can be booked by either household groups or by two members wishing to have a net

It is possible for one to one coaching to take place with one of the clubs qualified coaches – but group coaching (ie a coach with more than one player) is prohibited

Bowling Machines can only be operated as part of a one to one coaching session by one of the clubs suitably qualified coaches

A suitably qualified club official will be on site all times when the nets are operational

Nets MUST be booked the day prior to use and all bookings will be confirmed by Matt Stinson no later than 20:00 on the day before the booking

It is strongly recommended that Members should wash their hands at home before and after using the net facilities.

Members should bring their own hand sanitiser with an alcohol content of at least 60% where possible.

Entering and Leaving Site

Social Distancing of STAYING TWO METRES APART must be maintained at all times

You should arrive changed in your training clothing – Changing Rooms will remain closed

Cars shall be parked on the Car Park – NOT immediately behind the Clubhouse

You may not enter the field earlier than the start time of your session

A one way system is in place;

  • Entrance to the facility will be via the gate at the side of the Away Team dressing room on the First Team Ground
  • Members should leave the net area promptly, moving onto the third team ground and exiting the playing area via the gate on the Third team ground (between the Portakabin and the pavilion).

Members should go directly to their cars and leave without delay.

Use of the Nets

The club representative will advise you of which net you have been assigned and the corresponding areas where you can place your kit bags

Kit bags must remain zipped closed when not in use

Those using the net closest to Haygate Road should warm up in the area between the nets and the scorebox

Those using the net closest to the 3rd team Ground should use the 3rd team Ground being mindful to respect social distancing at all times

Batsman must wear full protective equipment at all times – the use of Helmets by batsman is Mandatory

Bowlers may only bowl with their own ball and they MUST NOT apply sweat or saliva to the ball.

Batters may only return the ball to the bowler by gently tapping the ball with their bat towards the bowler – the batter MUST NOT handle the ball in any circumstance

Members will be reminded when their session has 5 minutes to go

Members will be informed when their session has ended at which point they should finish immediately – THIS IS NOT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A LAST BALL!

Do not overstay your allocated timeslot; you should be clear of the area before the time the next members arrive

Do not stay to socialise

Net Booking Form

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