Welcome to Wellington CC Juniors 2024!

The Wellington CC Juniors programme covers boys and girls from school years 4 to 10. There is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of their ability or cricket experience. We pride ourselves on teaching our sport to all those that want to learn to play – in a safe, fun and relaxed environment.

Within the Juniors programme, boys and girls train by age category. These smaller groups are self-managing, so your child will be dealing with the same coaches, organisers, and group of friends throughout.

We also provide cricket opportunities for boys and girls younger than 8 and older than 15 – even though these groups fall outside of our main Juniors programme. You will find information on this towards the bottom of this page.

Why learn cricket at Wellington?

We have one of the largest juniors sections in the area with over 150 youngsters learning their cricket with us in 2023. There are lots of reasons for youngsters to play their cricket here.

  • We have a small army of devoted ECB trained coaches with all the qualifications and certificates in place.
  • Our Orleton Park ground has top-drawer facilities for soft and hard ball cricket, both playing and training.
  • We have a track-record of coaching children to go on to represent Wellington in senior cricket and Shropshire in their respective age groups.
  • We offer additional high-level training for those selected for our Academy programmes.
  • We have a warm and friendly club with a busy social scene, a community that can be enjoyed by parents and children alike.

What does the Wellington CC Juniors programme look like?

Our offering varies by age and gender so that the cricket experience at Wellington suits every child’s abilities, needs and development.

Training is spread across Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings (each group will have their own slot), starting w/c 29th April this year and lasting for thirteen weeks until w/c 15th July. These sessions are varied and designed to give our youngsters a solid grounding in all aspects of cricket.

Besides training, Wellington also competes in local leagues for the older age groups. For younger age-groups, the focus is more on participation and we play many friendlies and festival days (round-robin formats involving several clubs at one ground).

During the close season there is also an opportunity for our Junior Members to continue training with indoor coaching taking place between January and March. These are not included in our main membership and extra coaching fees usually apply.

Age Group Details for 2024

We are now able to share the details of the upcoming season with you. There have been some subtle changes to the set-up since last year, so please take time to the read the section relevant to your child’s age group.

One particular change for 2024 is the joining of boys and girls at all age groups below Year 8. This has been decided in order to provide greater playing opportunities to the girls and aid their development as cricketers.

BOYS aND GIRLS (School Years 4, 5 and 6)
U11 Wolves and U11 Foxes

For 2024, we have decided to divide this age group into two groups – a hardball group (the Wolves) and a softball group (the Foxes). Players will be divided into these groups based on their current playing level once the season gets underway. The Wolves will enter a team in the local leage (matches on Sunday mornings) whilst the Foxes will play in a new softball league (also on Sundays). Children will be able to move from the Foxes to the Wolves if the coaches judge that they are now ready for hardball cricket.

Training: Both groups will train on Monday evenings from 29th April between 5.45 PM and 6.45 PM

Key People:
Ben Pilkington, Mark Tarran, Richard Denyer, Ian Hosley (Coaches), William Fewtrell (Organiser – 07922 504566)
SOFTBALL (FOXES): Dani Furber and Amit Patel (Coaches), Sam Reid (Organiser – 07850 174689)

BOYS AND GIRLS (School Years 7 and 8)

For 2024, we have decided to divide this age group into three separate squads. The Tigers will compete in the County League, whilst the Lions and Panthers will both compete in the regional league. All games take place on Wednesday evenings. We have decided to implement this change to maximise playing time for all children as this is a large group. The precise squad lists for each group will be decided once we know how many children have signed up for 2024.

Training: The Tigers and Panthers will train on Monday evenings from 29th April between 7.00 PM and 8.00 PM. The Lions will train at the earlier time of 5.45 PM and 6.45 PM on Mondays.

Key People: Mark O’Connor, Mohit Gupta, Paul Willis, Luke Goring, Norman Ross (Coaches); Vicky Taylor (Organiser – 07870819925), Deborah Cantwell (Organiser), and Kevin McNamee (Organiser – 07411 301371)

BOYS (School Years 9 and 10)

Our U15s compete in the county league with games played on Monday nights. In 2024, we will have two groups, the Colts and Stags, due to high numbers.

Training: The Colts will train on Friday evenings from 3rd May between 6PM and 7PM. The Stags will train from 7PM to 8PM, also on Friday evenings.

Key People:
Mark Downes, Dave Good, Dave Morris, Gareth Howell (Coaches); Lucy Butwell (Organiser – 07851 799870)
Duncan Taylor, Dan Vaughan (Coaches); Angela Coalbran (Organiser – 07951 900636)

GIRLS (School Years 9 AND UP)

Training: This group will train on Tuesdays from 30th April between 7.00 PM and 8.00 PM. Training is conducted alongside the Wellington Ladies squad. Girls are encouraged to represent Wellington Ladies, but we will also be entering an U14-U16 team in the local hardball league.

Key People: Simon Topper (Coach); Sharonlee Young (Organiser – 07816 925915)


We celebrate the success of our junior cricketers every year at our Junior Presentation. This year’s event will take place on the afternoon of 11th August, so please get the date in the diary. There will be activities laid on and food and drink available.

What does it cost and how can I sign up?

Wellington CC Juniors is a one-off annual membership fee, which is £70 a year for both boys and girls. This includes all summer training sessions and junior matches. Parents of Junior Members are also entitled to half-price Social Membership at the club.

If you would like to sign up for the 2024 season, follow this link to our Membership Hub.

All Stars! Cricket for Younger Ones

Through the ECB All Stars scheme, we have also expanded our offerings for 5 to 8 year-olds. The 2024 program will start on Friday 10th May. For more information or to sign up, please click here. For enquires, please contact Vicky Taylor on 07870 819925.

Cricket Beyond Year 10

Our Junior programme ends at School Year 10. However we continue to offer cricket opportunities for players in the 16-19 bracket via our Senior Mens and Senior Ladies set-up. For more information, speak to Matt Stinson (Mens – 07702047644) or Hannah Young (Ladies – 07827 865345).

Wellington CC Juniors are
very kindly sponsored bY Telford TOWBARS