Tuesday, July 14
Wellington, GB


Important: Club Access During Covid-19

As you may know, areas of the club’s grounds are now open for limited cricket training. This has been set up under strict limitations to ensure that the site remains safe for all given the ongoing pandemic.

As part of this, the club has set up a one-way system to all visitors in and out of the site. These are clearly signed and must be adhered to.

Access in via the small picket gate immediately before the pavillion (away team dressing room) and exit is via the silver metal get next to the woods (second ground dressing rooms).

Members who wish to walk with dogs or otherwise exercise can still do this on the second ground and can access this by walking directly in front of the pavillion balcony.

Please note that only members are permitted to walk dogs at the club under normal circumstances and that all dogs MUST be kept on a lead.

Access to the first team pitch and net area is restricted to those who have booked a net slot, are at the club to supervise the nets, or groundstaff.

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  1. Roger Barker says:

    Has it always been a rule to have your dog on a lead?
    Perhaps a couple of notices to that effect should be put up, as I have seen people running around the field and not having their dogs on a lead.

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