Sunday, June 26
Wellington, GB


Goughy’s Ground Notes: October There was a startling discovery when we tried to get to the bottom of 'soggy corner'.

The Wellington CC Ground Team don’t get much of a close-season break.

No sooner had the play stopped, but the whole ground was being prepared for some extensive renovation works, including ‘fraize’ mowing and the complete levelling of the 1st XI square. This is work that has been required for some time, chiefly to fix drainage issues, and was carried out in late September by Jon Morgan. Besides this, the usual end of season renovations and redressing was carried out on both squares by Mick Humphries, Shropshire Verti Drain, a former player and one of our club sponsors. The main square looked like a battlefield to start with, but the seed has taken and it is looking green and lush once again.

Following the work on the square, our attention turned to the area in front of the 1st XI scorebox – a notoriously soggy corner of the ground. Some exploratory work revealed an incredible find about eight feet below the surface – an underground stream which runs below the pitch. It did cross our mind that we might be able to bottle our very own Wellington Spring water!

The club needs to thank Andy Pryce of Pryce Builders, a club partner, for their machinery and expertise as we excavated the area and fitted a new drainage system. Over the coming weeks this will be connected to the ground’s main drain which will hopefully solve soggy corner once and for all.

Preparation works for next season will begin in earnest in November. As I say, not much of a close season for our Ground Team. We will continued to share regular updates over the close season to keep members up to date with what’s going on.

Steve Gough

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