Tuesday, June 28
Wellington, GB


Fireworks Lead Sought The club are looking for a new candidate to lead the annual fundraiser.

We are very much hoping that the club’s annual fireworks diary will return to the diary for 2022 – but we are currently seeking a new volunteer to lead the event.

Steve Gough has performed this role for many years but his time is more and more given over to ground duties since becoming Ground Chairman.

We are therefore looking for a new person with fresh ideas to take over responsbility for the event and drive it forward in the future.

The event is a crucial fundraiser for the club and the local charities it supports and we are desperate for this to remain the case.

Anyone coming forward will receive the full backing of the committee as putting on this event is a real club-wide effort. Steve Gough will also assist with handing over the role.

If you are interested, please contact David Ross on 07545 348068.

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