The WCC Covidfund

Update: 29/07/20

Since our last Covidfund update in mid-June, a lot has changed, most notably the return of recreational cricket – hurrah! However, our fundraising efforts must continue if we are to offset the financial impact of the pandemic on the club.

We are pleased to report that since the last update, we have grown our Covidfund by nearly £2000. This has taken a terrific effort and we are now in touching distance of our £10,000 target by the end of September.

Remember, if we hit our target we will donate the equilavent of 10% of the target to Severn Hospice and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Over the last six weeks, we have continued to receive generous offline donations from many members, including Steve Brooks, Charles Bathurst, Graham Morris, Ian Tyrer and Andy Parkyn. These came in addition to the many received earlier in the summer (see previous updates below).

Our Spacehive crowdfunding page was also the most successful of all the cricket projects registered by the ECB with an incredble 77 different individual backers. This was 20 clear of the next best supported club – what an effort! There are too many pledges to mention here, but a full list is visible here. Because of the many contributions we received on Spacehive, we were able to get Norman Ross a haircut this month!

Meanwhile, we have received a £460 boost from senior players who kindly agreed to donate their credit on this year’s membership fees to the fund. If you have not yet indicated your intentions regarding your credit, please contact David Ross on 07545 348068 or

We also held a Quiz Night back in late June which added another £183 in profit to the Covidfund. Thank you to Simon Topper for organising that, and to everyone who has continued to generously support our fundraising efforts.

Over the next month, the WCC Bake Off will be taking place with all proceeds from the entry fees going to the Covidfund. It should be a keenly contested competition – full details here.

We will also be setting up a new Spacehive page – The Final Push – which will be seeking to get us over our target by September. Anyone will be able to contirbute on this page, but in particular we will be reaching out to sponsors and local businesses for support in getting us home. This will be launching in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

Finally, if any member has any ideas to help us boost the Covidfund now that cricket has returned, please contact David Ross on 07545 348068 or


Update: 18/06/2020

We have been blown away by the support we have received since the launch of our Covidfund back in May.

After a fantastic start, we have added over £2,600 to our totaliser in the last three weeks – with our current figure now exceding an incredible £5,800.

Exisitng board sponsors Wrekin Pipelines and Andrew Dixon & Co. have made contributions to the fund in the last three weeks, joining Simmonds Transport and Enviropest in continuing to support the club despite the difficult economic conditions.

We were also delighted to receive a donation of £250 from Wellington Rotary Club last week when outgoing president Vic Young selected us as one of his worthy causes.

Special thanks must also go to Esther Williams of Ruthless Personal Training who ran a membership prize draw a week ago, which raised £300 in donations for Wellington Cricket Club.

We also continue to receive private donations to the fund – some of which have been extremely generous indeed. Many of these have come through our Spacehive crowdfunding page – which the ECB informs us has the most backers of any cricket club in the UK! You can see a full list of benefactors when you visit the page – a huge thanks to every one of them.

We have also received generous offline donations from life members Pat Wakeley, Norman Ross, and Keith Fowler; as well as Chris Brayn, Mike Read, Keith Mainwaring, Sam Lloyd, Peter Stone and John Pattinson.

In due course, the club’s committee will be looking at how we can recognise all those who have been so generous in their support for the club in these difficult times.

What’s next?

Over the next two weeks, we hope to move our Spacehive crowdfunding page beyond our £2000 target – so that Norman Ross can get a haircut, an event which we will broadcast live on our social media if the target is hit!

Looking to the future, we will be holding another Family Quiz Night on Saturday 27th June. It’s an interactive format and a great laugh. Tickets can now be bought on our online shop.

Meanwhile, with Ladies’ Day having been cancelled this year, the organising committee will be arranging a WCC Bake-Off to raise contributions to the Covidfund.

Elsewhere, the club will continue to run the popular Online Bar until the clubhouse reopens for social use. A big thank-you to those who have supported this so far – we have had over £400 of voluntary donations to the Covidfund through this channel. Keep supping everyone!

And finally, the first of our Hundred Club draws took place on the last weekend of May – with Sam Oliver scooping the top prize of £50 cash. The next draw will be made on 30 June and if you don’t have a number yet, you can still purchase entry for the remaining four draws for £8 via this link.

What an effort!

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful efforts to date with this major fundraising initiative. The generosity and response has been terrific and really showcased the best of our club – let’s keep it going.

Finally, a reminder that Wellington Cricket Club will be making a donation to the value of 10% of our Covidfund total to Severn Hospice and Teenage Cancer Trust in September.


Covidfund Launch Information

We hope all our members and their families are keeping fit and healthy during these strange times. We appreciate that the COVID-19 crisis will be bringing financial hardship and other difficulties for many of you. In the statement below we call on Wellington members and friends of the club to contribute to our new Covidfund to ensure the club emerges from the pandemic in good health. It is well understood that for some this simply will not be possible; however, even if you can’t support us financially right now, all members can contribute by sharing our situation with friends and family and encouraging them to help out.

What is the Covidfund?

Our Covidfund is a fundraising drive designed to alleviate the financial impact of the current pandemic on Wellington Cricket Club, offsetting the expected loss of income this summer. This will allow us to maintain the wide variety of cricket opportunities and high standard of facilities that we were able to offer prior to the crisis when our sport is finally able to resume.

How much are we trying to raise?

Analysis of the worst-case scenario for our financial year ending September 2020 showed an expected hole of £20,000 in our accounts. Last month, the club successfully applied for a small-business grant through Telford & Wrekin Council to the value of £10,000.

We are seeking to raise the remaining £10,000 via the Covidfund.

Who else will benefit?

Recognising the terrible impact of the crisis on our wider community, and taking its own social obligations seriously, the club intends to use this opportunity to raise some much-needed funds for two charities which are close to many members’ hearts and which we traditionally support on an annual basis via our Ladies’ Day – Severn Hospice and The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Wellington Cricket Club will therefore donate £1 for every £10 raised by the Covidfund and distribute the money evenly between the two charities, helping them to continue their invaluable work in these difficult times.

How are the club proposing to raise the funds?

In order to meet such an ambitious target, the club will have to employ a multi-faceted approach. We propose the following initiatives for the time being, but we will require our membership to support us in many of these.

1). Online Bar Donations: Members who have ordered from our online bar are able to leave voluntary cash donations every time they order. These have begun to add up and the bar has been remarkably busy over its first two weekends.

What began as an attempt to clear some excess stock has now developed into a regular same-day bar service which our volunteers will continue to run until further notice. Get your orders in at and make a small donation to the fund whilst you wait for your drinks.

2). Sponsor/Company Donations: We received assurances from our Platinum Sponsors, Access Covers, and our Junior Sponsors, MR Btrac, early in the crisis committing to continue their generous support in 2020 come what may. We are extremely lucky to have such committed benefactors and we really cannot thank them enough for standing by us at a time when they have their own challenges.

Elsewhere, the club has now made the decision to defer all board sponsor invoices for this season. We did not think it was fair in the current circumstances to place additional financial burdens on companies who have loyally supported us over so many years.

However, voluntary donations towards the Covidfund from our sponsors and other companies are still possible and will be very warmly welcomed. We are delighted that Simmonds Transport and Enviropest have both already made significant contributions to this fund. If your company would like to contribute, please contact David Ross on

3). The Hundred Club: Our monthly summer raffle will be run this year for the benefit of the Covidfund and we are hoping that it will be able to contribute £1,000 towards our target. In order to achieve that, we will need to sell another 40 tickets before the first draw, scheduled for 31st May. If you would like a ticket, you can buy yours here: Remember, there’s £50 cash up for grabs, plus other prizes, each month.

4). Individual Donations: Members and well-wishers can contribute on a charitable basis towards our funding drive via a new crowdfunding page. Once we have raised our first £200 on this site, the ECB will top it up with an extra £100. Please head over to if you wish to contribute.

In the past few weeks, we have also received some extremely kind and unexpected donations offline which also be added to the total.

5). Membership Donations: We have made it clear that all members will be entitled to a partial or full refund on their membership fees for this year, depending on the amount of cricket that is possible. Many have indicated that they will forgo their refund, or part of it, and donate this to the cricket club. Any contributions of this type will be added to the Covidfund later in the season.

6). Online Events: We will be holding a virtual Quiz Night on Saturday 23rd May at 7pm with all monies raised going to the Covidfund. Details of how you can get involved will be released imminently, but please keep the date free in your diary.

Have you got any ideas on how the club can meet its target? Get in touch with David Ross on if there is an online event you think we should be running or something we could be doing.

Of course, when limited social and sports events are permitted, the club is likely to have more options to raise money. We will need to be imaginative and flexible in our approach whilst continuing to abide by the rules to keep our members safe.

If we hit the £10,000 target, will that solve all our problems?

Not quite. Ongoing restrictions around social distancing have left our main fundraiser for next season, November’s Fireworks Night, in serious doubt. Should this event not be able to go ahead, the club will have another large funding gap in next year’s accounts, which will need to be plugged.

Members should be aware that the impact of the current crisis is likely to endure into 2021 and that it will require a great deal of effort over this whole period to keep the club financially stable and able to maintain its expansive offering both on and off the field.

For now, the club’s focus must be on the immediate term and hitting the £10,000 target for this summer. We call on all members to help in this giant effort in whatever capacity they can.

Thank you for your support and stay safe.