Thursday, June 24
Wellington, GB


Could you be our Junior Cricket Lead? We are currently looking for a chief administrator for our junior section.

Wellington Cricket Club are looking for a new Junior Cricket Lead. It is an important position which involves liasing between the various coaches and administrators in our large junior section. This role is crucial to helping the club provide opportunities for so many youngsters.

Below is a summary of the tasks that currently come under the role. The club is open minded about how the role might be fulfilled in the future. We ideally want a single lead, but it might be that the role could be divided between one or more volunteers. If you are interested in all or part of the role listed below, please contact Simon Topper on 07921 234800.


  • Organise Winter Programme

Ensure all age groups have sufficient coaches and adult support for winter programme

Take responsibility for booking venues, planning arrangements, liaising with coaches and inviting juniors to winter coaching programme, including looking at numbers in relevant age groups

Take responsibility for ensuring that all subs are collected to cover costs and registers are in place

  • Coordinate County Junior nominations


  • Identify additional helpers and encourage attendance at relevant coaching courses


  • Work with Safeguarding Officer to ensure all necessary qualifications are up to date for all junior coaches


  • Attend SCB meetings and disseminate all relevant materials eg rules, dates etc x 3 per year


  • Liaise with communications team to get together a promotion strategy for attracting and retaining new junior players


  • Put together the annual junior fixture/festival calendar
  • Ensuring Cricket balls are ordered and available for all team coaches


  • Host an annual parent evening


  • Co-ordinate junior festivals throughout the summer x 2
  • Support and liaise with assistant coach on summer camp arrangements
  • Communicate with parents at junior coaching nights, sharing messages as required
  • Liaise and support Head coach and junior coaches with academy and team matters
  • Manage parents and take responsibility for resolving any issues as they arise
  • Ensuring all equipment needed is available and kept in a safe place


  • Organise and run presentation including ordering all trophies and medals


  • Chair Junior Committee meetings x 4 per year

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