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Club Statement: The Future of Wellington CC

September 21, 2021 News

In 2022, Wellington Cricket Club will be celebrating its 75th anniversary. We have plenty planned to celebrate this historic year and we will be letting you know more about this in the coming weeks and months.

Of course, the anniversary will give us the opportunity to look back on the last seven-and-a-half decades, but it is also a chance to fix our eyes forward to the next chapter in the Club’s story. How do we envisage the Club developing in the 2020s – and beyond – and how can we make it a reality?

Over the past three years, our playing base, taken as a whole across juniors and seniors, has grown by nearly 40%. This is of course fantastic news for the Club and our role in the community. However, we have not seen an equivalent rise in volunteer numbers. The Club now finds itself at times overstretched – reliant on too few hands – and if this trend were to continue we may be at risk of having to cut back on how much we can offer – which is the last thing we want to happen.

We are therefore putting out a general appeal for new people who might be interested in getting more involved in the running of Wellington Cricket Club to come forward.

We are aware that lots of people’s work/life balance has changed in the last two years, and some are now lucky enough to have more time on their hands. And of course, we now have many new parents and families with a stake in the Club’s future. Perhaps you fit into one of these groups and are interested in becoming more active? Or perhaps you have another reason?

We are currently looking for help with a wide range of voluntary tasks at the Club. These cover but are not limited to: Club administration; developing commercial opportunities; organising fundraising events and initiatives; officiating matches; coaching cricket; and working on the ground and facilities.

Some of these are leadership roles, some are not; however all require a certain level of commitment and responsibility. We are not looking in this appeal for members who can help out every now and then (although this is of course always welcome), but for those willing to take on a role – small or large – and make it their own.

We would be happy to talk you through the opportunities should you be interested – and then match individuals to the jobs they would like to do and have the skills to carry out.

We want to be as generous as possible with this invitation and are also looking to propose new individuals to the Management Committee should the right candidates come along.

If you are interested in helping shape the next 75 years for Wellington Cricket Club, please contact Club secretary David Ross on 07545348068 or to discuss.

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