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Club Statement: Coronavirus, 26/03/20

March 26, 2020 News

Wellington Cricket Club would like to clarify its current position on various matters relating to the upcoming season in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Most of our members will now know that the ECB has advised against all recreational cricket until further notice in a statement released on Wednesday 18 March. The Shropshire Cricket Board, Shropshire County Cricket League and Shrewsbury and District Evening Cricket League released a joint statement at the weekend reinforcing this position. It is hoped that UK government and ECB guidance might be relaxed at some point during the campaign, but of course the timing and aspect of the 2020 cricket season is unknowable at this stage. The Management Committee will endeavour to get the game back on as soon as possible once advised that it is safe to do so.

Finances and Fundraising

Like many families and businesses, Wellington Cricket Club’s finances are likely to go through an extremely rocky period over the coming months. The Management Committee will be moving to reduce all non-essential expenditure as our members would expect in these challenging circumstances. We will also be exploring our options for financial assistance from the UK authorities and various sports organisations.

However, trying as this situation is, we would like to assure all members that the club is run on a firm financial footing and we will still have a club in twelve months time.

That is not to say that we will not have a gap to plug in our revenue for this year. We will have to come up with new and ambitious ways to raise funds when conditions allow in order to compensate for the loss of a key trading period. We are sure that members will appreciate the importance of this and respond to our calls to support us when the time comes.

In the meantime we welcome suggestions from our members on how the club can fundraise remotely. If anyone has any ideas, please email

The Hundred Club, our members’ raffle, will continue to run and we would strongly encourage you to take part in the only fundraiser the club is able to commit to at this point. You can purchase your tickets online at this link or when you renew your membership.


We are now able to clarify what will happen with memberships this summer. Our position has been guided by the following principles: that any members who have already paid should be entitled to a full refund, if they so wish, with no questions asked; and, that anyone who has already paid will not be left out of pocket from a shortened or cancelled season.

As such, please note the following:

  • Memberships will stay open at the Normal Rates and all sign-ups and renewals will continue to cover the period until 31 March 2021. Members can continue to sign-up and pay at and are encouraged to do so.
  • Members who have not yet renewed have been granted an extra month before last year’s memberships run out. The new deadline for renewals is 30 April 2020.
  • Those who choose not to renew before 1 May 2020 will cease to be club members, but will continue to receive club notices over the next few weeks on the assumption that they may wish to rejoin when the picture becomes clearer.
  • The Management Committee will decide upon a Revised Subscription Rate in each membership category once we know how much cricket will be played this year.
  • Members will have the option to claim a refund of the difference between the Revised Subscription Rate and the Normal Rate at that point. Of course, some members may prefer to reject such a refund in this scenario, as many have already indicated they would be prepared to do, in order to limit the impact on the club’s finances of the coronavirus crisis. This would of course be gratefully received and recognised by the club.
  • In the worst case scenario – that there is no cricket at all this season – members will be offered a choice of a full refund, donating their subscription to the club, or extending their membership for another twelve months at no extra charge (this will cover them for the 2021 season up to 31 March 2022).
  • Members will be entitled to a full refund of their membership fee at any time, for whatever reason, up until the resumption of any cricket. Should they do this, they must pay the Revised Subscription Rate in order to play, train or enjoy the benefits of social membership after play resumes, or rejoin in 2021. In order to request a refund, please contact

We hope that the above position offers peace of mind and flexibility to our members at what is a challenging time for many families and businesses. At the same time, it has been devised to allow the club to continue to bring in membership fees for this season, which will be vital to its ongoing financial health. If anyone has any questions on the above policy, please contact

Other Information

  • Club Handbook: With the season likely to be significantly disrupted, we have made the decision not to issue a Club Handbook and Fixture Card this year. All the information contained within the booklet is available on our brand new website, which will of course continue to be updated as the current situation develops.

  • Cricket Camps: We have regrettably made the decision to cancel the Junior Cricket Camp scheduled for May Bank Holiday. All those who have paid will be refunded automatically online over the coming days. We will make a decision on the August Summer Camps nearer to the time.

  • All Stars and Dynamos: All Stars and Dynamos are organised and administered centrally by the ECB. They will be contacting parents in due course as to what happens with these programmes. Unfortunately, the club will not be able to address queries on these until the ECB update their position.

  • Remote Coaching: Head Coach Ross Edwards is busily preparing a collection of online exercises and tutorials for our playing members to help them stay active during this time, as well as developing their cricket skills from their own back gardens. It is hoped that exercises will be available from this weekend for junior groups and from early April for seniors. These resources will be stored online in a secure folder. Those members who wish to access them should contact for instructions. We will release further information on this in a separate statement.

And Finally

Wellington Cricket Club may now be looking at the single biggest loss of game-time in our history. But cricket is just a game and it will return. For now, the priority of all members should be the health and well-being of themselves, their families and the wider community. Look after yourselves and see you soon.

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